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There are few events in life that are as stressful as being arrested for a DUI in Washington State. You were forced to engage in a set of roadside gymnastics at the command of a complete stranger, and then you were processed through the state’s legal machinery. Now you face a criminal prosecution for DUI and all of the hassle that it entails. The aftermath of an Olympia DUI can affect your home, your family, your job, and then leave you feeling like little more than a common criminal.

Our team of Olympia DUI lawyers helps good, honest Washington residents get back on their feet after a DUI arrest, every single day. We can help you regain control over your life, but first you need to remember that you are NOT a criminal. You have legal rights that must be upheld by the state according to WA drunk driving law. These Washington State DUI laws were written so that you could defend yourself against unfair penalties and erroneous charges.

The heart of any Olympia DUI defense strategy should focus on legal avenues that could reveal issues that work in your favor. With over 30 years of combined experience, our Olympia DUI attorneys know how to handle cases involving physical control violations, DUI, minor DUI, reckless driving DUI, negligent driving in the first or second degree, and street racing. If you’ve been charged with any of these offenses then don’t’ hesitate to contact one of our experienced Olympia DUI lawyers immediately.

Our legal professionals must help you build a defense to your Olympia DUI charges BEFORE your first appearance in court. Contacting a Olympia, WA drunk driving attorney from our team is as simple as picking up the phone, or taking a few minutes to fill out our online form. When you have one of our Olympia DUI lawyers on your side they act as a barrier between you, the state, and the prosecutor. Don’t get pressured into making a poor decision or bargain at the bequest of the prosecutor without first talking to someone who will make sure your legal rights are being fully protected.

What can a DUI lawyer do to help me?

Legal matters need to be addressed by someone with knowledge of the law, and experience in its application. Understanding Washington State DUI law is a vital aspect of resolving an Olympia DUI case, no matter what the variety of the crime. Our Olympia DUI attorneys resolve hundreds of cases every year, and we do it through a combination of skillful negotiation and litigation.

You can make a decision regarding professional assistance by contacting an Olympia, WA drunk driving attorney today for a free consultation. In this comfortable and non-judgmental atmosphere you will be free to ask us any questions you like about your Olympia DUI, and we will answer them as honestly as we can with no cost to you. Our goal is to provide you with answers and show you that we are the right Olympia professionals for the job.

If you choose to retain one of our Olympia DUI attorneys, they will fight for your rights and to minimize any penalties associated with your offense. Start getting some answers about your Olympia DUI case today from experienced professionals with a proven track record.

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