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A Washington State minor DUI can be a major problem.

A Washington State minor DUI can be a major problem.

In Washington, a minor DUI can cause a young person’s life to get thrown off track at an early age. If convicted, a minor DUI will incur a criminal record that could cause problems in the future. Anyone conducting a background search on this individual will readily be able to access information that reveals they have a criminal background. This could adversely affect their ability to get a job, or rent an apartment, even if they are otherwise qualified for either.

A person’s criminal record is accessible to anyone with an internet connection. Jobs are scarce in the country today, good jobs even more so, so do you think an employer will simply overlook a criminal stain on someone’s permanent record?

Obviously it makes sense to minimize the damages that a Washington State minor DUI can cause. With over 30 years of combined experience handling complex WA drunk driving laws, our Olympia minor DUI attorneys can help you if you’ve been charged with this serious offense.

You can obtain an Olympia minor DUI if you are caught driving with a blood alcohol content of .02 or higher. If convicted, mandatory and discretionary penalties go into effect that can hinder someone’s chances in life. It’s important to understand the law in these cases, and our Olympia minor DUI attorneys can give you a better understanding of the challenges you face.

The worst part of an Olympia minor DUI is obviously the fact you will have criminal record that anyone can access. This can mean that one alcoholic beverage, one mistake, or one misunderstanding can dramatically alter a person’s life. Our Olympia minor DUI lawyers have the tools at their disposal to do everything legally possible to keep this from happening, but much depends on the details of the case and your willingness to act quickly.

Our Olympia minor DUI attorneys protect your legal rights.

Our team of Olympia minor DUI lawyers are frequently contacted by persons who have plead guilty to a minor DUI, only later to realize what a huge mistake they made. Sadly, once a person is convicted of a minor DUI there is little than can be done to make the situation better. Don’t make the same youthful mistake – deal with the problem head-on with help from our Olympia minor DUI lawyers.

Call for a FREE case evaluation concerning your Olympia Minor DUI.It is important not to delay in dealing with your Olympia minor DUI. You only have 7 days to request an administrative hearing, where it will be determined if you can keep your driving privileges or if your license will be suspended. You must be prepared BEFORE you attend this hearing.

After your administrative hearing, you must deal with the court, so it’s important to get a head start on creating an aggressive defense. We will do everything the law allows to keep you licensed and keep you from obtaining a criminal record.

Call for a FREE case evaluation concerning your Olympia Minor DUI.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Take advantage of our offer for a free consultation. You won’t have to make any decisions immediately. You can ask some questions and we will give you answers about the law and how it pertains to an Olympia minor DUI.

Our attorneys offer easy payment options and affordable rates, and when you consider that you could be protecting your livelihood for the rest of your life it makes sense to have a professional by your side.

A minor DUI in Olympia, WA is a major issue that must be addressed now. Contact us today and let us help you protect your future.

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