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An experienced physical control lawyer in Olympia, WA can help.

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An experienced physical control lawyer in Olympia, WA can help.

Questions? Our Olympia physical control attorneys have answers.

Have you recently been arrested for a physical control violation in Olympia, WA? If so, then you most likely have some questions about this peculiar crime. You might already realize that you are facing some serious charges that must be addressed, but you might be confused about how Washington drunk driving law pertains to this offense. For specifics it would be wise to talk to an Olympia physical control lawyer about the details involved in your arrest, but there are some basics that can be covered briefly.

Being pulled over and arrested for any WA drunk driving crime is emotionally draining. A physical control violation carries many of the severe penalties as a regular DUI, and these can send shock waves into your life that reverberate well into the future. Our Olympia physical control attorneys go into every Washington drunk driving case believing it can be attacked to some degree, but much depends on the nature of your arrest, police records, and the actions you take right now.

An Olympia physical control violation conviction incurs mandatory penalties that include fines of up to $5,000, 90 day driver’s license suspension, and 364 days in jail. Mitigating these penalties is our highest priority, and understanding how Washington DUI laws pertain to a physical control violation goes a long way toward reaching that goal.

An explanation of an Olympia physical control violation.

When most people think of an Olympia DUI, they believe you get charged only when you are driving a vehicle with a blood alcohol content of .08 or higher. While this is true, you can still be charged with an Olympia drunk driving crime even if you were not driving the automobile. This means that at the time your vehicle is noticed by the police officer, you could be in the passenger seat, the back seat, or even outside of the car. The car may not even be running. This is what is referred to as a physical control violation.

Confused? So are many other Washington drivers charged with this serious crime. Because this is such an unusual offense, there are avenues of defense that are only suited to this charge. For example, our Olympia physical control lawyers will want to know if you were safely parked off of the roadway when your vehicle was first observed by the officer, or if it was not working to begin with. If so then we already have a solid foundation for our defense strategy.

At the very least it makes sense to do everything in your power to minimize the damage a conviction could cause. Our Olympia physical control attorneys will ensure your rights are being protected and that you come to a full understanding of the law and how it pertains to this WA drunk driving crime.

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It is especially important to talk to one of our legal professionals if you believe that you were cited for a physical control violation unfairly, or if you are hopeful that some of the penalties can be mitigated. We will do our best to keep you out of jail, validly licensed, and make sure your legal rights are being acknowledged.

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