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In Washington State, the law defines street racing as a relative contest of speeds between vehicles. Street racing is considered to be the same as reckless driving, and so the penalties are identical. The punishments for street racing include a mandatory 30 day license suspension, if convicted, and discretionary penalties of up to 364 days in jail and $5,000 fine. If you’re a driver in Thurston County, then a license suspension would also mean that you have to carry SR-22 (high risk) auto insurance for three years after your license is reinstated.

Our Olympia racing lawyers understand that you would like to minimize these penalties as must as possible. When our Olympia racing attorneys handle a case the goal is to protect our client’s rights while seeking to have the charges reduced in some way, or dismissed outright. Our Olympia racing attorneys believe that every case can be attacked to some degree, but the outcome is also dependant on the police records and whether you are willing to take the necessary steps before it’s too late.

Most clients charged with racing in Olympia, WA tell us that they’re hopeful that they will stay out of jail and keep their driving privileges. Our Olympia racing lawyers understand the stakes, and we’ve been helping clients for over 30 years collectively in Western Washington. Now is not the time to sit motionless at the starting line. The only way to reach the checkered flag is to give us a chance to do the legwork necessary to provide you with an aggressive defense.

Our Olympia racing attorneys will protect your legal rights.

Our Olympia racing lawyers consider it their highest priority to minimize the punishments associated with a racing conviction. A reasonable line of defense can be created using a variety of methods and tools, but it always must be based on WA drunk driving law. Our Olympia racing professionals take the pressure off of you by dealing with the court and the prosecutor on your behalf. They are essentially a barrier between you and state that constantly keeps you shielded from their relentless pursuit.

As we work to develop a defense, you will find that much of the emotional stress you are currently feeling is alleviated. When you’re ready to run that first lap around the track, you can contact a racing lawyer in Olympia, WA from our team for a free case evaluation.

This offer for a free consultation is one of the best ways you can start coming to terms with a racing charge and how it is defined by the law. We can talk about the penalties you are facing and how we would go about trying to mitigate them. There is no pressure to make a hurried decision - you can take advantage of our free case evaluation without risk or monetary obligation.

If you retain one of our qualified Olympia professionals they will work tirelessly to develop an aggressive defense strategy on your behalf. All of which can be accomplished with affordable fees and easy payment plans designed around any budget.

Contact us today and find out how we can help you fight your Olympia racing charge.

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