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An Olympia reckless driving charge should be taken seriously.

There is a common misconception that a reckless driving charge is somehow potentially less severe than a regular Washington DUI. This is definitely not the case at all. A conviction puts into effect serious reckless driving penalties that are on par with other drunk driving crimes. These reckless driving penalties penalties can have a detrimental impact on your life for years after the initial arrest.

A reckless driving conviction will result in your driving license being suspended, usually for 30 days. This means that you will be required to carry high risk auto insurance, also called SR-22 insurance, for three years after you get your license back. You will also be subject to discretionary Washington DUI penalties of up to a $5,000 fine and 364 days in jail.
If you didn’t understand these facts to begin with, you are probably just now becoming aware of how important it is that you deal with an Olympia reckless driving charge as quickly as possible.

Our Olympia reckless driving attorneys are ready to help you take the first step toward resolving your case, and give you a better understanding of this unique crime. How you handle your case is up to you, but it’s a good idea to get as much information as you can about WA drunk driving laws and how they might affect you.

Our Olympia reckless driving lawyers work to protect every client’s legal rights, fighting to keep them out of jail and validly licensed. When you are accused of a reckless driving in Olympia, WA, you are essentially being charged because it was determined that you were driving in a way that showed a wanton disregard for person and property. You do not want to have a criminal record because it will affect you for years to come – and your record is available to anyone with an internet connection. Our Olympia reckless driving attorneys treat every case with the urgency it deserves, because we know how important the end result is to our clients.

Our Olympia reckless driving lawyers offer a FREE consultation.

It’s important to understand any criminal charges against you, and a reckless driving charge is certainly no different. Our Olympia reckless driving attorneys offer a free case evaluation that will help you come to a better understanding of WA drunk driving law, and provide you with options on how you could address your case. Professional guidance is necessary when dealing with Washington law, especially if you have no previous experience with prosecutors and the court.

After your free consultation you will be able to decide your own course of action. Our Olympia reckless driving lawyers will begin working on your behalf immediately, if and when you decide we are the right fit for your needs. It is then that they will dive into the particulars of your case, and do everything legally possible to resolve it.

Don’t make the mistake so many make and underestimate the severity of your charge. Contact our office today and make sure a qualified legal professional is fighting to protect your rights and minimize the reckless driving penalties you currently face.

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